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Window Retrofitting: An Affordable Alternative to Replacement

June 26, 2019 Leave your thoughts

If your home is feeling a bit drafty, or if it’s not retaining heating and cooling energy as well as you’d like, you may be looking at replacing your windows. Unfortunately, full-frame window replacement is an expensive, time-consuming process that is often financially out of reach for many homeowners. A cost-effective alternative to outright full-frame window replacement is window retrofitting in Dallas Fort Worth, TX. During a window retrofit, a professional window technician will come into your home and replace each pane of glass in the frame with a higher-quality pane, without actually needing to remove the frame itself. Replacing...

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The Pros and Cons of Wood Window Replacement in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

June 24, 2019 Leave your thoughts

To replace those old windows, or to not replace them just yet? This is a question many homeowners in Texas are asking themselves right now. But before beginning your home window replacement project, it’s important that you understand when windows need to be replaced, as well as the pros and cons of wood window replacement in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. Here’s what you need to know. Common signs of failing windows Old, inefficient windows are failing to protect your home from the elements. Be on the lookout for windows that let in drafts, insects or outside noise, rotting or damaged window...

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Six Signs You Might Want to Consider Window Replacement in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

June 10, 2019 Leave your thoughts

Every day you walk by your windows, sometimes stopping to look at what’s going on outside. But have you taken the time to really inspect the condition of the windows themselves? Your home’s windows may appear to be fine at a glance, but they’re one of those features that don’t get much attention maintenance-wise. That said, it’s easy to overlook the state of the glass and frames that make up your windows. Don’t put window improvement projects on the back burner! Ideally, you want to replace home windows before they fall apart completely or fail when you need them to...

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Steps to Choosing the Right Replacement Windows

May 15, 2019 Leave your thoughts

When it’s time for window renovations in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, do you know how to choose the right windows and features? Many replacement windows may look the same, but there is actually a huge difference in price, quality and performance when it comes to your different options. To help you make the right choice for your home window replacement in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, read on for our selection tips. Window frame The window frame is an important component of your window renovations. You’ll want to choose something you can maintain over time and that fits with your home’s architecture and...

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The Myth of the Cheap Replacement Window

May 2, 2019 Leave your thoughts

While researching window renovations, you may have seen some tempting offers for an absurdly cheap window replacement in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. While the price tag can seem appealing, and the company may even make some guarantees, there is likely a lot they are not telling you about how the low cost affects the end result. Whether you’re interested in getting a replacement or window renovations in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, keep reading to determine whether or not these cheap offers are worth it. Cheap window quality Companies offering absurdly low-priced window replacements in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX have to keep their own...

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