Soundproof Windows in Carrollton, TX

Do you live near a busy road? Near a commercial shopping center? Train tracks? An airport? Noise pollution is all around us and for homeowners, hearing the ambient sounds of the world around you can be frustrating! That’s where soundproof windows come in to save the day!

At AmeriTint Window Replacement and Installation, we understand. It’s why we recommend soundproof windows in the Carrollton and North Dallas, TX area, along with the Dallas-Fort Worth region, to homeowners investing in new windows. If you can’t seem to find peace and quiet in your own home, adding soundproof windows is one of the best investments you can make.

How do Soundproof Windows Work?

Sound dampening windows in Dallas – Fort Worth, TX are constructed to specifically reduce ambient noise levels. They utilize a different construction to reduce the penetration of sound waves into your home and reduce vibration in the window frame itself. Here are some of the construction benefits of soundproof windows:

  • Thicker glass or treated panes, which greatly reduce sound wave propagation
  • Added air space between panes, to reduce the wavelength of ambient noise
  • A laminated glass layer that adds extra sound insulation to the panes themselves

While no window can achieve 100% noise reduction, you’ll be amazed at how much sound-dampening windows cut the amount of ambient noise entering your home!

Why Choose Soundproof Windows?

Soundproof windows in Dallas Fort Worth, TX are a great investment for many reasons. The biggest benefit is peace and quiet—especially if you live near a busy epicenter. These windows are also stronger and last longer than regular windows. They’ll add value to your home, too!

Cut the Noise and Live in Peace

Soundproof windows will improve your quality of life and give you the peace and quiet you desperately want in your home. Let AmeriTint Window Replacement and Repair insulate your home from the noisy outside world with quality windows. Contact us today at 817-265-8468 to begin consulting with our professional window installers for vinyl replacement windows, and energy-efficient windows.