8 Reasons to IMPROVE your Windows

  • Have a More Energy Efficient Home
  • Stop Sun Damage from UV Rays
  • Increased Prop­erty Value
  • Lower Monthly Electric Bills
  • Pro­tec­t Glass from Vio­lent Weather
  • Balance Room Temperatures
  • Pro­tec­tion against Vandalism
  • Deter Forced Entry Through Glass

Welcome to AmeriTint!

   We want to be your source for information on all window improvement products; primarily Window Films – Solar Film, Security Film and Decorative Film, also Full Window Replacement, Insulated Glass (IG) Replacement, Window Detailing and Solar Screens. Over the years we have seen many instances where homeowners in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex have tried to cut costs by selecting lower quality products, only to incur the hassle and great expense to fix the original mess.  We here at AmeriTint will not risk your valuable time and money, OR our hard-earned reputation, on inferior and unproven products. The products we represent are proven to look great, perform and last.

   Our philosophy is that it costs far less to do the job right the first time.

   Texas Monthly MagazineAmeriTint Featured in Texas Monthly article

‘This Old House’, April 2008