Window Installation, Replacement Windows, Home Window Tinting, Vinyl Replacement Windows, and New Windows in Lewisville, TX

New window installation in Lewisville, TXDeciding on replacement windows is no always a straightforward thing. These days you have multiple options such as vinyl replacement windows, or choosing single hung or double hung windows, or adding a window film to your windows. The upside is you don’t need to decide on your own! Window installation in Lewisville can easily be handled by the experienced team at AmeriTint Window Specialists, and they can help you determine the material, panes, coatings, and more to add to your new window installation. When you are looking to upgrade to energy-efficient windows, look no further than AmeriTint Window Specialists.

Home Window Replacement in Lewisville

Your windows age like everything else, and will eventually need to be replaced. When you start seeing moisture between your glass panes, or when you start to notice your energy bills creeping up, those are signs that your windows should be replaced. When doing a home window replacement, it is best to start with the worst offending windows first, as they will make the greatest impact on your home and your money. Putting new windows in your home will update the look as well as provide financial savings for years to come.

Vinyl and Double Hung Windows in Lewisville, TX

Vinyl Double Hung Window Replacement in Lewisville, TexasVinyl replacement windows are the most common replacement windows because they are cost-effective. Vinyl windows have some advantages over traditional wood frame windows, including being less costly as well as being virtually maintenance-free. Wood frames still work very well but have a bit more maintenance requirements versus vinyl.

Double hung windows, where both upper and lower sashes can move, also some of the most common windows that Lewisville residents choose to have in their homes because of better ventilation options and ease of maintenance.

Window Film and Window Installation in Lewisville, Texas

Having professional window installations in your Lewisville home by the trained professionals from AmeriTint Window Specialists means that you don’t have to worry about your windows being installed improperly. They have years of experience in new window installations, and they can also recommend different window film for some of your other windows. For example, if you have a ground level bedroom or bathroom, you may want some privacy window film added to the lower half of your windows for privacy and security.

Originally called Holford’s Prairie, Lewisville dates back to the early 1840s. On January 15, 1925, residents voted by a margin of 17 votes to incorporate Lewisville, which established its official boundaries as a city. Lewisville incorporated in 1925, and when the construction of Lewisville Lake was completed in the 1950s, the city began to expand rapidly. Because the city’s economy had become diversified before the Wall Street Crash of 1929, Lewisville was relatively well insulated from the Great Depression. We are proud to service Lewisville, TX, and the surrounding areas for window replacement services and more. If you need new windows for your Lewisville home, contact us today!