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June 11, 2018

Fantastic Work at a Fair Price

"I have used Kurt at AmeriTint for many years on our personal home as well as several rental properties. He has replaced many windows and also has tinted windows in our current house. He does fantastic work for a fair price and is a great guy to work with. I have recommended him to many of my friends. I would not consider using anyone else!"
May 21, 2018

Kurt has an extensive knowledge about his business

"I would like to first Thank Kurt for being a kind person to me. I'm in the process of relocating from Chicago to Houston and everyone has warned me about the Heat. So I took it upon myself do a ton of research on Window Tint Companies. I called about 15 companies and spoke to different owners and installers. But I decided to call Ameritint just to get their expertise on which film to use. The one thing nobody brought up to me out of 15 companies except for Kurt is that I mentioned to him I'm building a new house. He asked since it's a new construction I should check the Window's specs and see what type of heat rejection it has to help me determine which film to use. By doing this that tells me how honest Kurt is with doing business. Not to mention I told him I'm in in Houston and his in Dallas knowing that I'm going with another company he still continued to answer all my questions. All I have to say is I've been around Tint for 30 years and spoke to many different installers. Kurt has an extensive knowledge about his business and his very honest about it with his client to ensure they are buying what they need for their house and nothing more. I highly recommend...."
March 24, 2018

Attention to Detail

"Kurt and AmeriTint did a wonderful job of installing our LowE366 windows. Their attention to detail and cleanup were excellent. I fully recommend AmeriTint."
March 23, 2018

Couldn’t Be Happier With the Results

"Just had Kurt from Ameritint install window tinting at my home and couldn't be happier with the results. This is our second home we've had Kurt add tinting to and when we recently moved into our new house it was a high priority. The films do a great job of keeping rooms with sun exposure cooler, especially important with the Texas summer heat. Window tinting is a cost effective way to keep your home cooler and your bills lower! Ameritint also offers privacy films that we used on our garage's windows. This is a great way to maintain privacy/security for a garage or bathroom window without adding costly and messy window treatments or shutters. Ameritint's products are a great addition to any home and I highly recommend."
February 24, 2018

Kurt and His Team Were Spectacular

"Finding a company who specialized in HOME window tint wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Many specialize in cars, but also do homes, that's not what I wanted. Kurt and his team were spectacular. I reached out to tinting companies before our new HOME window panes had been installed (my another company) to find out what the process entailed. Kurt was more than prompt in his responses and even advised me on how to handle the warranty for our windows which would be voided when the tint was installed**. He worked with to find a time that would be best for me for estimate and installation. There were zero surprises in estimate to final cost and the instillation was seamless. Kurt was professional, worked quickly and the tint looks wonderful. My husband and I couldn't be happier with the work Kurt did and the way the tint looks. We highly recommend using AmeriTint for your window tinting needs. **when applying tint to windows the window warranty is voided since it is considered "tampering with" the windows. Kurt advised me to get copies of the detailed window warranty to ensure the warranty they offer would cover the window panes. The tint warranty Kurt and AmeriTint offered overrode the now voided warranty."