Replacement Windows, Double Hung Windows, Energy Efficient Windows, Window Installation, and Home Window Tinting in Plano, TX

Windows are all over in our Plano homes, and at some point, they will need to be replaced with better, more energy efficient windows. Double hung, sliders, single hung, bay, crank outs, and more. When it comes to home window replacement, the experts at AmeriTint Window Specialists are ready to help you choose the best windows for your home and can perform the new window installation as well. They can also help your existing windows that are still in good shape with home window tinting and other window films. Contact us today to learn more!

New, Energy Efficient Windows in Plano, TX

Vinyl Replacement Windows in Plano, TX

The fact is that old windows become more and more inefficient every passing year. This could be because they are only a single pane of glass, or it could be that the air between the glass panes has been compromised and you are seeing moisture or fog in between the glass panes. Whatever state your home’s windows are in, having new energy efficient windows installed will make a noticeable difference in the comfort of your home as well as experiencing lower energy costs. If you choose to go with double hung windows for your new windows, you will be better able to enjoy the ventilation of your home.

Window Film for Plano, TX, Homes

While you may have good windows in your home, and even if you have installed new energy efficient windows in your home, you might want to take a look at some additional window film. For example, if you have a ground-level window in your bathroom, you may want to look at a privacy window film to prevent people from looking in. Other window films allow you to prevent people from looking into your home but still allow you to look out of your windows. And there are window films that can help prevent UV light from fading your furniture and carpeting.

Home Window Replacement in Plano, Texas

Getting your double hung, energy efficient window installation in your Plano home shouldn’t be difficult. Having the team from AmeriTint Window Specialists install your new windows will free you up for more important tasks and you can be sure that they will be installed properly.

In 1872, the completion of the Houston and Central Texas Railway helped the city to grow, and it was incorporated in 1873. In 1881, a fire raged through the business district, destroying most of the buildings. The town was rebuilt and business again flourished through the 1880s. Also in 1881, the city assumed responsibility for what would eventually become Plano Independent School District (PISD), ending the days of it being served only by private schools. At first, the population of Plano grew slowly, reaching 1,304 in 1900, and rising to 3,695 in 1960. In 1970, the population reached 17,872, and by 1980, it had exploded to 72,000. If you are someone that calls Plano, TX, home and you need home window replacement, AmeriTint Window Specialists is nearby to help!