New Window Installation in Lewisville, TX

New Window Installation in Lewisville, TXWe all have that point where we are looking at our windows and realizing that we need to update them. Deciding on replacement windows is no longer a straightforward thing. Discussions start to happen, with our spouse, with our friends, with our neighbors, and the goal for you is to get information to make a good decision with your windows. Window installation in Lewisville can easily be handled by the experienced team at AmeriTint Window Replacement and Installation, and they can help you determine the material, panes, coatings, and more to add to your new window installation. When you are looking to upgrade to energy-efficient windows, look no further than AmeriTint Window Replacement and Installation.

Vinyl and Double Hung Windows in Lewisville, TX

New Window Installation in Lewisville, TXVinyl windows are the most common replacement windows because they are cost-effective. Vinyl windows have some advantages over traditional wood frame windows, including being less costly as well as being virtually maintenance-free. Wood frames still work very well but have a bit more maintenance requirements versus vinyl. Double-hung windows, where both upper and lower sashes can move, also some of the most common windows that Lewisville residents choose to have in their homes because of better ventilation options and ease of maintenance.

New windows are windows that are installed as they would be in new construction. The entire old window, including the outside frame, is removed, and the newly constructed window is then installed. This ensures that the entire window doesn’t have any issues because everything has been replaced. A replacement or pocket window could cover up a bad window frame that is deteriorating, or cover up other issues. When it comes to ensuring that your home is the most energy-efficient as well as not having issues with your windows in the future, you should install new windows for your Lewisville, TX, home. AmeriTint Window Replacement and Installation can outline how a new window installation will make your home more energy-efficient and save you money each month. Contact them today!

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