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Choosing Between Window Replacement and Insulated Glass Replacement in Coppell, TX

January 18, 2018

If you feel dissatisfied with the performance of your windows, you might be trying to find a solution that is both functional and cost-effective. Older windows are often drafty and, consequently, make it more difficult to control the temperature of your home and keep it comfortable. In addition, this draftiness reduces the energy efficiency of your home, which is bad for the environment and your wallet. If you want to boost your energy efficiency and increase savings, your two main options are window replacement and window glass replacement in Coppell, TX. In order to determine which option is best for...

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Avoid Mistakes when Hiring a Contractor for Window Glass Replacement in Coppell, TX

January 4, 2018

Hiring a contractor can be an intimidating process. Making the wrong choice can leave you with an unfinished project or one that is not high in quality. Different contractors have varying levels of skills and abilities, so it’s important that you carefully consider all of your options to find the perfect contractor for the job. Unfortunately, this can prove to be an especially difficult task if you aren’t quite sure what to look for—or which red flags you should avoid. It can be helpful to know the biggest mistakes that homeowners make when it comes to hiring a window contractor...

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Everything You Need to Know About Solar Window Films

December 25, 2017

What do you do when a chilly wind blows inside through your open windows? You shut them, of course! But what happens in the winter when the windows are already closed, and you still feel a breeze coming through? This is when you install solar window film in Coppell, TX! Solar window film prevents cold air from slipping in and your warm air from flowing out during the chilly winter months. Continue reading to learn more about solar window film and why you might want to consider installing it on your windows this winter. What is solar window film? Simply...

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Six Benefits of Office Window Tinting

December 11, 2017

Tinting a car’s windows has been popular for decades. It gives the owner a bit of privacy and makes the car look pretty attractive. Did you know that tinting office windows is becoming more and more popular every day? It’s true! Tinting office windows offers a number of benefits, with practically no downsides. Keep reading to learn more about window film in Coppell, TX and what it can do for your office: Improved appearance: As a property manager or building owner, you want your building to look as good as possible. You keep the hedges trimmed and the parking lot...

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Decorative Window Tint Trends

November 15, 2017

When you think of installing residential window tint, perhaps you only think of installing the polarized, UV-ray-decreasing variety. But when it comes to residential window film, there are, in fact, a variety of options. And as installing residential window film continues to grow more and more popular, new trends continue to emerge—meaning that, today, there are a variety of unique, creative and trendy window film options. Truly, there is something for everyone: Different colors: There are now a lot of color options out there for anyone looking into decorative window film in Coppell, TX. And the colors come in a...

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