What Causes Fading—and How Window Film Provides Protection

September 10, 2019

Many homebuyers want their new properties to include lots of natural light from windows. This selling point can help put a “sold” sign on a house, but in the future, people may discover that all of the sunlight causes fading to furniture, flooring, drapery and more. If you haven’t already considered it, you should look into how window tint protection in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX can protect your investment.

What causes fading?

There are three main causes for fading from sunlight: 40 percent is due to UV rays, while solar heat and visible light account for 25 percent each. The remaining 10 percent is caused by miscellaneous factors.

What does sunlight fade?

The answer? Everything. From your flooring to your walls, sunlight fades everything it touches. What happens to your skin when it is exposed to the sun for a prolonged period of time? Your skin ages faster. The same thing is true for many parts of your home.

Your window panes are the first to bear the brunt of the sun’s harsh rays. Weakened window panes increase homeowners’ energy costs, along with a number of other negative impacts to your home and budget. Additionally, drapes, blinds and other window treatments along with window casings show their age because they are directly in the path of the sun’s light.

Fading doesn’t stop there. Furniture, flooring and wall treatments (both paint and wallpaper) that receive regular direct sunlight day in and day out will also experience fading over time. Compare a chair that is exposed to the sun daily to one that isn’t. You’ll be shocked at the difference.

For those who collect art or antiques, sun fading is the silent enemy. Family heirlooms, cherished treasures and other invaluable items experience serious damage due to prolonged exposure to the sun. For example, a quilt handed down from generation to generation laying on a bed in a guest bedroom with a large window will horribly fade over time.

Can you stop fading?

Not entirely, but window tint protection in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX can significantly slow the damage it does to the interior of your home. Depending on the type of window tint you purchase, you can substantially protect your home from harmful UV rays, solar heat and visible light. For example, 20 percent silver reflective window film stops 98 percent of UV rays, 74 percent of solar heat and 80 percent of visible light.

All year round, Texas is a sunny state with lots of exposure to UV rays, heat and light. Texans invest their hard-earned money in building and maintaining beautiful homes. That is why so many opt for window tint protection in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. AmeriTint Window Replacement and Installation offers a wide selection of the top window film brands, including 3M, Madico and LLumar. For more than three decades, AmeriTint Window Replacement and Installation has put its expertise to work helping clients make informed decisions that pay dividends for years to come, and we’ve built a sterling reputation throughout the community. Contact us today about protecting your home from fading with window tint treatments.

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