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September 24, 2019

For reasons beyond our control, windows need to be replaced. They age, crack, break and require updating as time marches on. For over three decades, people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area have trusted AmeriTint Window Replacement and Installation for the finest in window services. Now those who need window replacement in Carrollton, TX can rely on AmeriTint Window Replacement and Installation, the best in the business.

Insulated Glass

Your windows could be inadvertently causing higher energy bills because outdoor temperatures are affecting the inside of your home or office. Ever notice your property is warmer in the summer, even with the air conditioner running? Your windows could be the problem.

Insulated dual-pane windows significantly lower energy usage costs. With a layer of gas trapped between the two panes of glass, insulated windows moderate extreme temperatures. When summer or winter are at their worst and you are running your HVAC system regularly, high-quality insulated windows help retain the cool or warm air in your home to keep everything comfortable.

Soundproof Windows

There’s little you can do to combat noise pollution caused by trains, airports, busy commercial areas and well-trafficked roadways. However, one of your options is investing in soundproof or sound-dampening windows. Specially designed to reduce irritating ambient noises, these windows use thicker panes, laminated layers and added air space to dampen unwanted sounds. By reducing sound wave propagation and the wavelength itself, you can rest easy in your home or get the job done in your office with soundproof windows.

Energy-Efficient Windows

Also known as low-e windows, the double panes and layer of Argon gas in these windows work hard to maximize the comfort of your space. Besides improving energy efficiency, low-e windows reduce stress on your HVAC system, dampen sound and are more durable than single-pane alternatives. If you are updating your home or commercial building, consider energy-efficient window replacement in Carrollton, TX.

Vinyl Windows

This is also an energy-efficient option that is the perfect combination of efficient and affordable. More affordable than other varieties, vinyl windows are both durable and effective, keeping your home the right temperature year-round while reducing your energy bills. Truly, vinyl windows are the best value for your money when you’re looking for efficiency, durability and quality at a reasonable price.

Retrofit Windows

A less expensive option than replacement, retrofitting your windows provides improved energy efficiency and curb appeal. As long as your existing window frames are in good condition, retrofit windows are a budget-conscious option for those who need to find the best deal.

Also, if your home currently has outdated single-pane windows, retrofitted ones will make your property more efficient and comfortable while adding value. Retrofitting windows also works well when a windowpane is chipped or cracked. The pane can be replaced while the window remains the same.

Need window replacement in Carrollton, TX? Contact AmeriTint Window Replacement and Installation today. For over 30 years, our team has been a trusted provider of window service for residential and commercial properties throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth community. Now, families and businesses in Carrollton can enjoy the level of service and satisfaction they deserve with help from AmeriTint Window Replacement and Installation. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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