The Pros and Cons of Wood Window Replacement in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

June 24, 2019

To replace those old windows, or to not replace them just yet? This is a question many homeowners in Texas are asking themselves right now. But before beginning your home window replacement project, it’s important that you understand when windows need to be replaced, as well as the pros and cons of wood window replacement in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. Here’s what you need to know.

Common signs of failing windows

Old, inefficient windows are failing to protect your home from the elements. Be on the lookout for windows that let in drafts, insects or outside noise, rotting or damaged window frames, broken window glass or seals or a reduction in indoor comfort. If you notice one or more of these symptoms, it’s time to replace those old wood windows.

Pros of installing replacement wood windows

There are many reasons why window specialists recommend wood windows to homeowners when it comes time to shop for new windows. Here are a few of them:

  • Curb appeal: Although wood windows beautify most homes, they look especially lovely on historic homes. In fact, most historic homes still have their original wood windows, so the preferred choice for owners of historic homes who want to maintain the home’s value and unique character is to get similar replacement windows. Replacing original wood windows with ill-fitting vinyl windows can detract from curb appeal.
  • Boost home value: Quality wood windows are also energy efficient. Therefore, chances are, wood window replacements can help boost the value of your home. You may be able to sell your home for more later on!
  • Lower energy bills: Old, failing windows can cause a host of problems, like energy loss and higher energy bills. Damaged windows often result in leaks, and leaky windows mean your heating and cooling dollars are escaping. Wood window replacements can help you save energy and money!

Cons of wood windows

At the same time, wood windows are not for everyone. They can cost more than traditional window replacements and do require a specific maintenance routine:

  • Maintenance: Wood windows need a certain kind of TLC. They require regular painting, which is a maintenance step that vinyl windows do not need. Painting wood windows is expensive and time-consuming, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, but paint is what helps wood windows last longer than vinyl installation.
  • Expensive: The top reason homeowners and commercial property owners don’t install wood windows is the cost. They are more expensive than vinyl replacement windows, but offer longevity and better performance in the heat and humidity. Talk to your window installer about your wood options to get a solid idea of the likely cost.
  • Not a good match: Wood windows are classic, but that doesn’t mean they will match the style of your home or your personal taste. Check out the options, envision your home with wood windows and then determine whether or not to install them.

Are you interested in wood window replacement in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX? When you’re ready to start planning your window replacement project, contact the experts at AmeriTint Window Replacement and Repair anytime!

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