The Myth of the Cheap Replacement Window

May 2, 2019

While researching window renovations, you may have seen some tempting offers for an absurdly cheap window replacement in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. While the price tag can seem appealing, and the company may even make some guarantees, there is likely a lot they are not telling you about how the low cost affects the end result.

Whether you’re interested in getting a replacement or window renovations in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, keep reading to determine whether or not these cheap offers are worth it.

Cheap window quality

Companies offering absurdly low-priced window replacements in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX have to keep their own costs low to afford the low price tag. Often, that means cutting corners on quality.

Cheap windows are often made with vinyl that contains filler ingredients. This saves money for the manufacturers and can reduce the cost for you. However, these filler ingredients cause problems, too. They wear out much faster than 100 percent, pure virgin vinyl window frames, which can last upwards of 20 years. Frames made with filler will last five to seven years.

Additionally, other issues you might run into are the frames losing their color, peeling, chipping or warping, difficulty in operating the window, mold, mildew and a fog that won’t wipe away.

Energy costs with cheap windows

Something many homeowners don’t think about when choosing cheap windows is their energy costs. Often, quality window renovations in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX can save homeowners money on their energy bills, since high-quality renovated windows insulate the home better.

Cheap replacement windows won’t include the energy-saving features that these quality windows do, including argon or krypton gases, which are key to increasing the energy efficiency of the home. Additionally, cheap windows won’t include low-e glazing, which reflects interior temperatures back inside the home, resulting in better insulation and lower heating and cooling costs.


Looks aren’t everything, but when it comes to your home, you’d like an attractive view. With quality window replacements in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, you’ll have more options in terms of styling, such as larger sizes and uniquely shaped windows. There are also more frame options, such as 100 percent vinyl and wood, as well as many custom trim and decorative options.

Additionally, you’ll have more selections when it comes to upgrades and energy efficiency when you pay more for quality windows. Not to mention, cheap windows usually won’t include a warranty. Once companies suck you in with super-cheap window options, they’ll up-sell you on better features.

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