Historic Window Renovations and Restoration in Coppell, TX

April 18, 2019

There are many options when considering renovating or restoring your historic windows. There are many things that make historic window restoration in Coppell, TX different than other window restoration or renovation. You may be worried about the historic integrity of your home and preserving its unique appearance. If you’re wondering what to do with your historic windows, keep reading!

Historic preservation

Many people with historic homes want to preserve the history and architecture of the home. For historic homes, many of the home’s original windows were assembled on the house itself, meaning they lack any weather stripping. Later, fenestration manufacturing made it possible to equip storm windows with this extra weather protection, which also increased their insulation and protection from the elements and temperature fluctuations. Wood sashes and frames adorn these windows, which are usually operated with a pulley system. While the process for window restoration in Coppell, TX and window replacement differ, the overall finished look of both can preserve the historic appearance of your home.

Window restoration

To repair windows from the era of wood sashes and storm windows, we usually remove these elements to begin with. Most storm windows are in bad condition, and many sashes include lead paint. Then, we replace weak, old wood with reconditioned wood, add weather stripping and even replace the glass if that is damaged as well. We can also add newer window components, such as locks, lifts and sash weight lines. Plus, a new storm window can be added for extra insulation. Restoration in this manner seeks to preserve the historic architecture of the home, leaving the window trim in place. Restored windows with the added storm window have almost equal insulation properties as newer replacement windows.

Window replacement

To replace a historic window, all of the old window panes, sashes and storm windows are removed. Then, a complete new window unit is placed in, which is then insulated and installed. Replacing old windows in this manner also preserves the historic architecture of the home, leaving the window trim in place. While it may sound more expensive to replace the entire window, it can actually end up being less expensive in some cases. It depends entirely on how much needs to be repaired. Plus, if you want to preserve the look of the historic windows, replacement windows in Coppell, TX can do that as well. And, you’ll be able to incorporate any new features you want, such as tints, screens, tilt-in features and other color options.

Whether you’ve chosen historic window restoration in Coppell, TX or have opted to replace the entire window unit, AmeriTint Window Specialists, Inc. can handle your home improvement project. We understand the value of preserving the historic integrity and architecture of your home, and want to help you choose the option that is going to be the best choice for you. Ever since our founding in 1987, we have been proud of the quality of our service and our dedication to customer satisfaction. Get started with a free service quote and schedule an appointment for window replacement or window restoration in Coppell, TX by giving us a call today.

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