An Introduction to Egress Windows

February 21, 2019

Anyone who’s completed renovations or upgrades to their home knows that selecting products and materials is often a lot more complicated than it might seem at first. There are so many different brands and products out there on the market that selecting the individual option that’s right for you can be incredibly difficult. When it comes to window replacement in Coppell, TX, there are a lot of different types of windows that you can choose from, including egress windows. Read on to find out more about egress windows and how you can incorporate this window type into your home.

What are egress windows?

Egress windows are designed to provide an emergency exit for homeowners in the event of an emergency like a fire or a break-in. These windows come in a variety of different styles and configurations, but they are all designed to be large enough to serve as a safely accessible exit. In many cities, egress windows are required in bedrooms and basements, and they must be large enough that an adult can pass through the window easily. These windows are also designed to provide first responders with a safe entry point where they can access a home and bring in the equipment necessary to address an emergency situation.

Types of egress windows

If you’re considering installing egress windows to promote greater safety in your home or you are trying to ensure that your home is compliant with city ordinances, it’s important to consider the different types of egress windows that you have to choose from:

  • Sliding egress windows: Sliding egress windows are designed to open horizontally on a track to create an opening. This option is commonly used in basements and enables people to safely exit a home without the need for a large amount of clearance directly in front of the window.
  • Casement egress windows: Casement egress windows have hinged sashes along each side that enable users to open them inward or outward. This makes it easy to open these windows up in an emergency situation. These windows are another popular choice for basement spaces because of their versatility.
  • Double or single hung egress windows: Double or single hung egress windows are one of the most popular types of windows. These windows are designed with two sashes, which allows you to open them upward or downward. Some double and single hung egress windows are also designed with a casement that enables them to be swung open for easier access during an emergency.

Learn more about window replacement in Coppell, TX

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