The Difference Between Double and Triple Pane Windows

November 23, 2018

Over the last several decades, residential window technology has developed by leaps and bounds. There are so many great types of windows on the market that it can be challenging to decide which products are right for you. If you’re confused about the difference between triple and double pane glass, you’re not alone. A lot of homeowners have trouble selecting between these glass options, but there are a few key distinctions that can help you make the best possible choice for your home. Read on to learn more about triple and double pane glass repair and installation in Coppell, TX!

Comparing your options

The basic difference between double pane and triple pane windows is the fact that double pane windows have two layers of glass, while triple pane windows have three. Even though this might seem like a relatively basic distinction, there are other factors that further distinguish these types of windows.

Double pane windows have two panes of glass that are separated by a layer of gas or air in the middle to provide insulation. Compared to traditional single pane windows, double pane windows can reduce heat loss by up to half. Installing double pane windows can cut a residential energy bill significantly and promote increased control over the climate in a home.

Triple pane windows, meanwhile, are made up of three panes of glass that are each separated by a layer of insulative gas. Because these windows have three panes of glass, they tend to be heavier than double pane and single pane windows, but they are also more durable and tend to last longer than other window options. Depending on the specific brand and model, triple pane windows can be about 30 percent more efficient than double pane windows, which makes them a popular choice among homeowners who are looking for the best efficiency possible.

Can you Tint Residential 3 Pane Windows or 2 Pane Windows?

Yes, you can choose to tint 3 pane windows. Window tinting is safe for home windows regardless of the number of panes, when it is installed by a trustworthy and experienced dealer, and the window film used is high-quality. There are some common misconceptions around window film, but rest assured, it is safe and offers many benefits. Not only does it keep out excessive heat and reduce glare, but it helps keep out UV rays which can cause damage to carpets, furniture, and fabrics.

Making the right choice

While triple pane windows tend to be more efficient than double pane windows, they are also usually much more expensive. It’s important to take the cost into account so that you can be confident that you are really making the best investment of your money. The durability, longevity and efficiency of triple pane windows may be worth the initial investment in the long run, but it can also cause you to delay your window replacement if it’s out of your budget. Double pane windows are still a great option, and they tend to be more affordable than triple pane, so you don’t have to worry about pushing off your replacement plans.

Schedule double pane glass repair in Coppell, TX

If you’re having a hard time choosing the best type of glass for your home or you need help with double pane glass repair in Coppell, TX, reach out to AmeriTint Window Specialists, Inc. We’ve been proudly serving our customers since our founding in 1987, and we are a locally owned and operated company with a longstanding commitment to our customers. Whether you need glass repair, window replacement or window tinting, we are here to help. Find out more about everything we have to offer by giving us a call today!

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