Is Window Replacement in Dallas, TX Worth the Investment?

September 7, 2018

When you make improvements to your home, you have to consider a lot of different factors. You have to think about how a project will change your home’s aesthetic, its efficiency, its functionality and its eventual resale value. You don’t want to invest a significant amount of money into a home project that isn’t going to offer enough benefits to offset the initial cost, so it’s important to carefully weigh various factors.

Investing in replacement windows in Dallas, TX can offer many great benefits, but do the advantages outweigh the initial cost? Let’s take a closer look.

Determining the value of window replacement

If your home is older, it’s likely that your windows aren’t exactly energy efficient. As time goes by, you might notice increased draftiness and, in turn, higher monthly energy costs. Even a few dollars in increased energy consumption each month can add up over time, so it’s a good idea to consider efficient window replacement in Dallas, TX. On average, window replacement with energy-efficient windows saves homeowners between $150 and $450 on energy each year. Based on energy savings alone, you could recoup your initial replacement investment in a little over a decade.

On top of energy savings, you can also see a return on your investment in window glass replacement in Dallas, TX with increased home value. You can get a return of between 70 and 80 percent of your investment in window replacement through increased home value alone. In addition, newer windows enhance the curb appeal of your home. Prospective buyers are often drawn in by the energy-efficiency and appealing aesthetic of replacement windows. When you factor in the increase in home value and the lower energy costs, your new windows will likely pay for themselves in just a couple of years.

Window upgrade options

When you want to upgrade your windows, you can choose between replacing your window units entirely, or simply replacing the glass. If you have an older home, your windows may be a part of its historical aesthetic, and you might not want to completely replace your window units. In that situation, it may make more sense for you to replace the glass alone with something that’s more energy-efficient. However, to get the most energy savings and resale value improvement out of your window replacement, it’s worth it to completely replace your windows. Brand-new, energy-efficient window units are generally more effective at insulating your home from outside temperatures than simply replacing your glass.

Window glass replacement in Dallas, TX

At AmeriTint Window Specialists, Inc., we understand just how much of a difference replacement windows in Dallas, TX can make, which is why our team is dedicated to delivering top-notch glass replacement services. Since 1987, our experienced team of glass experts has helped homeowners and business owners with a wide variety of services, including window tinting, glass replacement and glass repair. Our dedication to delivering quality work and providing our customers with friendly and professional service has earned us an excellent reputation in the community. Schedule service or get a quote by giving us a call today!

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