Calculating the Cost of Double Pane Glass Repair in Dallas, TX

September 21, 2018

Regardless of how meticulous you are when it comes to caring for and maintaining your home, accidents happen, and even the most durable materials eventually wear out. If damage occurs to your double pane windows, it’s important that you get them repaired as soon as possible to maintain your home’s appearance and energy efficiency. However, you might be wondering just how far back double pane glass repair in Dallas, TX will set you. The precise repair cost for your glass depends on a number of factors. To get a better idea of what you will pay for this service, consider a few different elements that affect the cost of glass repair.

Factors that affect repair costs

Double pane glass is made of two pieces of glass with a pocket of air in between. The space in between is filled with gas or vacuum, which prevents thermal heat transfer in the summer and prevents draftiness in the winter. When one of these panes is damaged, it releases the gas or vacuum and compromises the intended function of the window. Because of the specific design of double pane windows, you have to replace the entire window unit if one of the panes is damaged or the seal is broken:

  • Extent of the damage: The most important thing for you to consider is the extent of the damage to your glass. If your glass is cracked or shattered, but your frame is still intact, you may be able to have the glass replaced without replacing the entire frame. This option can save you quite a bit of money, but it isn’t always possible. If there is any cracking or damage to your frame, you will probably have to replace the unit entirely.
  • Size of the glass: In general, the larger your glass, the costlier it will be to repair or replace. If you know the general size of your window, you can tell your window replacement contractor about it so that they can give you a more accurate quote for the job.
  • Grid patterns: If your window has a complicated grid pattern with many smaller panes, the cost of your replacement is likely to be higher. Making repairs to decorative window panes is more difficult for a glass replacement contractor, so they will charge more for the service. To determine just how much this will drive up the cost of repair or replacement, you can get an in-person inspection and quote from a glass replacement contractor.

Get double pane glass repair in Dallas, TX

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