Common Terms You Might Encounter During Window Replacement in Coppell, TX

June 1, 2018

Getting your window glass replaced may seem pretty straightforward, but there are actually several complicated terms that you might encounter when you work with a glass replacement professional. You will have to make a number of important decisions about the kind of glass and frames you want, not to mention whether you want any additional treatment to reinforce, insulate or tint your glass. To ensure that you are getting all of the products and treatments that you want, and none of the ones that you don’t, it’s important to learn a little bit about these terms so that you are prepared to navigate the process of window replacement in Coppell, TX with plenty of background knowledge:

  • Dual-pane glass: In standard windows, there is a standard pane of glass that’s sandwiched between window frames. In the case of dual-pane glass, there are two panes of glass that are separated by a layer of insulating gas that prevents temperature transfer between the outside and the inside of a building. This type of glass is often referred to as double-glazed glass, insulated glass or sealed insulated glass. If the seal fails, the layer of glass between the two panes may be compromised, leading to fogging or condensation.
  • Low-E glass: Low-emissivity (low-E for short) glass has a coating that is designed to minimize the number of ultraviolet rays that pass through a window while still allowing as much visible light to pass through as possible. These coatings are important since they allow homeowners and business owners to continue enjoying natural light into their space while keeping people and possessions protected from the damage that UV rays can cause.
  • Reflective glass: If you’ve ever been to a larger metropolitan area, you’ve probably seen lots of reflective glass. Reflective glass, which is frequently featured on skyscrapers and large commercial buildings, has a metallic coating that prevents thermal heat transfer. It replicates one-way mirrors and prevents visibility from the outside to promote privacy.
  • Tempered glazing: Tempered glazing is a process that greatly increases the durability of glass through a process of heating and cooling during the fabrication of the glass product. In addition to its increased strength over regular glass, tempered glass can also increase the safety in a home or business, since it crumbles into pebbles when it is broken rather than shattering into dangerous shards.
  • Vinyl window frame: Simply put, a vinyl window frame is a frame that’s made out of vinyl. Lots of people favor vinyl window frames over wood window frames because of the affordable price and energy efficiency of vinyl materials.

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