Are you losing money through leaded glass windows?

June 5, 2018


A few weeks back we got a call from a customer who desperately needed help with her leaded glass windows.  She was tired of the cold air coming through the individual panes of glass in the winter, making the first floor of her house extremely drafty.  Then in the summer months her air-conditioner was running constantly to keep that same area cool.   The twist in her request…… to keep the look of her windows. They were the reason she fell in love with the house.

Here enters our “in house window expert”, Kurt Howell, to the rescue.  Kurt suggested to install storm windows on the inside of the leaded windows. Not only providing the protection from drafts, but keeping the style of the windows – just as the customer asked!

For added protection, we also installed a window film to cut down on UV rays coming into the dining area.  No more glaring sun, just a beautiful view!


Leaded Glass Panes


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