Window Security Film in Dallas, TX Provides the Ultimate Protection

May 2, 2018

Windows are wonderful for natural light, fresh air and aesthetic appeal. What’s the downside? They create a weak point in your home’s defenses. Easily broken, windows are a common entry point for thieves. They can also be a source of injury or harmful sun rays.

What’s the solution? Security film in Dallas, TX offers the necessary protection to enjoy your windows while keeping your home and family safe. It protects you from:

  • Crime: Security film in Dallas, TX strengthens your glass so that it can withstand extreme blows. Thieves who attempt to gain easy access to your home through windows or glass doors will find themselves frustrated. Unable to quickly enter, their plans will be thwarted and your home will be kept safe. The thief is likely to give up, or they will get caught due to their delayed entry.
  • Natural disaster: Criminals are not the only potential source of blows to your windows. During storms, flying debris, branches, hail or other objects often strike windows. These unexpected blows can not only break the window but leave your home open to rain and wind that cause extensive damage. With security film in place, your windows can withstand these strikes from nature and keep your home safe and dry in the storm.
  • Shattering: If someone falls into a window, it may shatter, causing serious injury. Or, if a stray baseball or other object flies into a window, the resulting shards are difficult to clean up without suffering injury. Security film makes windows safer. The window is less likely to break and, if it does, it will not shatter into a thousand dangerous pieces. The person who bumped into the glass can walk away unscathed, and the one assigned to clean up the baseball-cracked window can safely remove the entire pane in one piece.
  • UV rays: Warnings about the harmful effects of UV rays are common. You are told to wear sunscreen and protective gear when outdoors. Yet, these same rays enter your home through your windows. You can expose your skin to these dangers inside your living room, too. Security window film can block these rays to keep your skin healthy. You can enjoy the light and the view, without the worry of any damage it may cause your skin.
  • Fading: The sun’s rays can do damage to your furniture, too. Sofas, drapes, rugs and other interior décor fade over time as they are exposed to the sunlight. What was once a bright, cheerful chair can start to look dim and dingy. This doesn’t have to be your furniture’s fate. Security film in Dallas, TX can help block these rays to keep your interior looking sharp.

Would you like to take advantage of these many benefits of security film in Dallas, TX? To properly protect your home, contact the team at AmeriTint Window Specialists, Inc. Our window experts will provide the solution you need to keep your property and family safe. Reach out to us today for better security tomorrow.

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