Signs of High-Quality Replacement Windows in Coppell, TX

April 20, 2018

Now that spring has arrived, so too has window replacement season. The most common question any window company gets is, “What is the best window on the market?” but the answer is not always an easy one. The best choice of replacement windows in Coppell, TX depends largely on the customer’s needs, lifestyle, energy use, window location and budget.

Here are a few factors that will help you determine if a window is a high-quality replacement option for your home:

  • Materials: There are several different types of common materials used for windows. Vinyl is perhaps the most common choice, as it is resistant to heat transfer and condensation, doesn’t require any finishing or painting and does not rot. Wood is popular, especially for interior window parts, but needs extra maintenance with painting and finishing. Aluminum is becoming more popular for its cost effectiveness, durability and light weight, as well as its resistance to corrosion. Fiberglass provides excellent durability and structural integrity and does not require any maintenance. As for which is the best option, it really depends on your home and your needs, but there are plenty of high-quality options within these categories.
  • Usage: Are the screens solid and easy to remove? Does the window latch without you having to wrench at it too hard? Is the weather stripping in good condition? Does it look like it will withstand the elements and heavy usage? These are all operational questions you should keep in mind when looking at replacement windows for your home.
  • Service: You should consider whether replacement parts are readily available in case you have issues with your window parts breaking or wearing out. If you ever need these individual replacement parts in the future, it’s important to know they are easy to find and not prohibitively expensive.
  • Warranties: One of the most important factors in purchasing new windows for your home is the warranties that are available for them. Warranties can cover just about anything, from specific parts to the finishes on the windows and glass replacement. In general, you want a warranty that will cover all window mechanisms and glass replacement to ensure you will be able to get a cost-free replacement without a problem if one is needed. Make sure you keep the warranty filed away in your records, and just to be safe, keep the receipt for your window purchase as well.
  • Cleaning: Most window selections these days won’t require a ton of maintenance, but all of them need to be cleaned occasionally. Consider where the window will be located on your house, how accessible its interior and exterior panels will be and how easy it will be to clean. This will be a big factor in your decision.

For more information about how you can find high-quality replacement windows in Coppell, TX, contact AmeriTint Window Specialists, Inc. today and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. Now is the best time of year to look into new windows!

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