Decorative Window Tint Trends

November 15, 2017

When you think of installing residential window tint, perhaps you only think of installing the polarized, UV-ray-decreasing variety. But when it comes to residential window film, there are, in fact, a variety of options. And as installing residential window film continues to grow more and more popular, new trends continue to emerge—meaning that, today, there are a variety of unique, creative and trendy window film options. Truly, there is something for everyone:

  • Different colors: There are now a lot of color options out there for anyone looking into decorative window film in Coppell, TX. And the colors come in a variety of opacities, from almost completely transparent, to only semi-translucent, to completely black and opaque. You can mix and match to your heart’s desire. The effect can be quite stunning with French-paned windows, a different color in each pane.
  • Stained glass: Mixing and matching different color window films, like mentioned above, can give a semi-stained-glass effect. But a trend in window film today is installing artistic stained glass that depicts whole scenes—like beach scenes, or green pastoral scenes. The effect is very realistic, looking almost like real stained and cut glass, catching the light like gemstones. There are options that take up large window spaces, and smaller options as well. This may not be for everyone, but it’s very popular these days in the restaurant world.
  • Different shapes and patterns: Everything that can be done with a laser or an etcher can also be done with window film. You can put patterns into your glass just like cut or etched glass. Square and diamond patterns are especially popular right now, as they are simultaneously trendy and classical.
  • Art: Decorative window film in Coppell, TX has so many uses. You can put a large beach scene covering several panes of a window, or you can make it look like ivy or bamboo is climbing your window, or you can even get custom film made for you with pictures of your family members for the bathroom mirror. Window film can easily meet these and many other needs. It’s only limited by your creativity.
  • One-way mirror and blackout film: Window film has been made to provide a variety of highly useful security protections. One-way mirror film makes the outside of your windows look like mirrors, while the inside of your windows remains easy to see through. This means you can see out, and no one can see in. Blackout window film can provide almost total darkness in a room, keeping anyone outside from being able to see in.

There’s an endless variety of styles of decorative window film in Coppell, TX and companies producing it. There’s a window film for almost any usage you can imagine. If you’re interested in exploring window tinting or decorative window film for your home or business, give us a call here at a AmeriTint Window Specialists, Inc. We’ve been serving the Coppell area since 1987. We are experts in window and glass repair and window film installation, and would be happy to answer your questions and help however we can.

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