Replace your old windows with Double Glazed Units

July 30, 2013

Today in Flower Mound we are replacing old worn out windows with new double paned vinyl windows.  These double glazed units were fitted to reduce energy loss and to also to help increase the insulation of the house, they can also reduce condensation.

What are Dual Pane Windows you ask?  Answer: Two layers of glass are hermetically sealed into a unit, which would be sized for your window opening, then sealed and used to replace the standard single pane commonly used in the manufacture of a window or door.

Dual paned Units were First Introduced in the 1930’s and were commonly available throughout the USA by the 1950’s. Looking more closely at what goes to make up a unit let’s first look at the spacer. These are made up of four different types

1) Regular Metal Spacers

2) Combination Sealant Type Spacers

3) Non Metal Synthetic Spacers (i.e. Vinyl)

4) Hybrids

The regular metal spacers are generally made up of aluminum glazing bars, electro galvanised steel, or even stainless steel. The spacers themselves can have a dramatic effect on the cost of the double glazed units depending on the material they are made from.

The spacers are filled with a desiccant component especially designed to reduce the condensation that may form between the panes of glass in the sealed unit, this desiccant soaks up the moisture and helps keeps the unit clear from misting and fogging.

Misting or Fogging of Your Double Glazed Units

So what happens when the units break down?. Misting or fogging of a unit is a common problem, and as luck would have it, this often occurs just after the guarantee runs out. Misty or foggy units can make a room look terrible and as the seals around the windows age & break can be expected in the lifetime of the unit.

But the cost of repairing units is no longer a major problem as this process can be done fairly cheaply and quickly by replacing the glass and utilizing the existing window frame.

Overall the benefits of double glazing far outweigh the cons. With the advent of more competition in the market place, the prices of replacing double glazed units has come down dramatically.


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