8 Reasons to IMPROVE your Windows

  • Have a More Energy Efficient Home
  • Stop Sun Damage from UV Rays
  • Increased Prop­erty Value
  • Lower Monthly Electric Bills
  • Pro­tec­t Glass from Vio­lent Weather
  • Balance Room Temperatures
  • Pro­tec­tion against Vandalism
  • Deter Forced Entry Through Glass
Energy Saving Calculator

Solar Screens

Solar Screens – Window Shading

A popular trend to save energy and control heat gain through window during the hot Texas summer is Solar Shading Screens. Solar Screens are exterior window screens that provide shade from the sun. A solar screen consists of a mesh fabric mounted into an aluminum window screen frame. These full screens cover the entire window area with the solar shading material. 80–90% of the sun’s rays are blocked from hitting the window. This blocks the heat so the inside rooms stay cooler and take less energy to maintain your desired comfort level. It does not take solar screens very long to pay for themselves by delivering you a lower electric bill month after month.

Solar Screen InstallationSolar Window Screens are custom ordered and are available in a variety of attractive colors and performance levels. Custom grids can be added to the solar screens to mimic the grids found in may windows in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Addition of custom grids can make the solar screens much more attractive, and less noticeable, when installed on home windows. Contact AmeriTint today to find out if Solar Shading Screens are the best option for solar heat gain control of your home windows. We look forward to consulting with you to find the best and most cost effective window shading solution for your home. Start saving today!