8 Reasons to IMPROVE your Windows

  • Have a More Energy Efficient Home
  • Stop Sun Damage from UV Rays
  • Increased Prop­erty Value
  • Lower Monthly Electric Bills
  • Pro­tec­t Glass from Vio­lent Weather
  • Balance Room Temperatures
  • Pro­tec­tion against Vandalism
  • Deter Forced Entry Through Glass
Energy Saving Calculator

Professional Film Installation

Our installers are the best in the busi­ness, and all of them are fac­tory cer­ti­fied experts. Our goal is for your newly tinted win­dows to look like they came that way new. We take pride know­ing our installers deliver what our esti­ma­tors promise. Those are the best installations!

Installer working hard on skylight film application.But, ser­vice is only half of the instal­la­tion. By using the best prod­ucts on the mar­ket, Amer­iTint can backup ser­vice with one of the best war­ranties any­where. After receiv­ing a free in-home analy­sis, you will be pre­sented with a guar­an­teed writ­ten quote for all ser­vices and prod­ucts. Our ser­vice coor­di­na­tor will then set up an appoint­ment for the installation.

Instal­la­tion includes pro­fes­sional clean­ing of all win­dows that are being tinted.

We have all Gen­eral Lia­bil­ity and Work­ers Comp Insur­ance Required in the State Of Texas. You can trust our pro­fes­sion­als to pre­serve your prop­erty and pos­ses­sions as if they were their own!

Win­dow Care

To ensure long life and max­i­mum ser­vice­abil­ity of your new win­dow film and to com­ply with man­u­fac­ture war­ranty require­ments, DO NOT WASH FOR THIRTY (30) DAYS AFTER INSTALLATION.

When clean­ing, use a soft cloth or clean syn­thetic sponge. Use a soft cloth of squeegee for dry­ing the win­dow. Use com­mon clean­ing solu­tions which do not con­tain abra­sive materials.

After instal­la­tion, there may be a hazy appear­ance. This con­di­tion is tem­po­rary, caused by the mois­ture used when apply­ing the film. After this mois­ture dries, the hazy con­di­tion will disappear.

* addi­tional fees may apply for spe­cial clean­ing require­ments, fur­ni­ture mov­ing, or other required tasks.